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Complaints Handling Procedure

In the rare circumstances that you are unsatisfied with the service you have received you may wish to make a complaint. Below the procedure is detailed.

As a regulated RICS firm, we have in place a CHP, which meets the regulatory requirements.  Our CHP has two stages.  Stage one of the CHP gives our firm the opportunity to review and consider your complaint in full.  Our firm will try to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction.  If you are not happy with our response, you will have the opportunity to take your complaint to stage two.  Stage two gives you, the client, the opportunity to have your complaint reviewed and considered by an independent redress provider, approved by RICS.

Stage 1

If you have spoken to us about your complaint, please put the details of your complaint in writing.  We ask that you put your complaint in writing to make sure that we have a full understanding of the reasons for your complaint.  Please send your written complaint to:


James Nicol

Alexander Heron Group Ltd

66 Culvert Road


SW11 5AR


We will consider your complaint as quickly as possible and will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 7 days.  If we are not able to give you a full response, we will update you within 28 days.

Stage 2

If we are unable to agree on how to resolve your complaint then you have the opportunity to take your complaint to an independent redress provider, as approved by RICS Regulatory Board.


For complaints received from persons or organisations or commercial clients, these can be dealt with by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Dispute Resolution Service. The contact details are:


RICS Dispute Resolution Service

Surveyor Court

Westwood Way




Tel: 020 7334 3806



For complaints in respect of Surveying Services, including Valuation, Building Surveys and Professional advice this can be dealt with CEDR (Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution). The contact details are:


Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution

70 Fleet Street




Tel: 020 7536 6116



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